"The work of a teacher who through patient toil, intelligent instruction, sympathetic guidance and wholesome discipline has to fashion the minds of generations of the young is the most responsible one"

Area of Research:

          The Department of Medical Surgical Nursing covers a broad area of research under adult and geriatric Nursing care, involved research areas like Nursing care of cardiothoracic use of alternative and complementary therapies, evaluation of specific Nursing interventions etc.

  HOD's Desk


          It was indeed a great privilege for me to enter the portals of C.S.I. Jeyaraj Annapackiam College of Nursing in the year 1993 as the 1st batch of B.Sc Nursing student to begin my Nursing profession, thereafter completed my PG in 2002 and then my doctorate in 2014.

          I am proud to be a product of  CSI JACON. My Alma Mater gave me a firm educational foundation which made me what I am today.

          I am part of this mighty institution started to render my service as a clinical instructor from 1999 and till date as a HOD cum professor.

          C.S.I. Jeyaraj Annapackiam College of Nursing at Madurai is a pioneering College which has created a space for itself on the nursing education in Tamil Nadu by its high level of academic excellence. The recipe for making a great nurse has always been a combination of knowledge, sill and desire to never stop learning I feel very proud of this College as a vibrant center of Nursing education and training.

          Specialization has helped the field of Nursing make leaps and bounds in playing a pivotal role in ensuring safety in patient care by encompassing the latest knowledge and best practices and keeping pace with latest technology. The Department of Medical Surgical Nursing delineates the beliefs, roles, and functions that characterize the speciality practice of Nursing profession.

          I fondly remember our Principal and Vice-Principal who had taken effort to bring further heights. My department faculty are an excellent team with Professors, Asso.Professors, Lecturers, Asst.Lecturers and dear clinical instructors who has been helping me throughout for glorious victory. I owe it to my wonderful faculty. 

May the Almighty continue to shower his blessings on our CSI JACON.

I conclude with the quote

"Wherever you go whatever ends you persue, you must always fulfill the trust reposed in you by

your Nation, your Parents and your Alma Mater".


          Our department is overwhelmingly rich with qualified faculty who are young experts in their respective fields and well supported by experience. Our faculty is driven by the Philosophy of knowing as to which resources are to be blended and in which proportion to mould each student's individual capacities to the optimum level. We are fully aware that high-quality teaching plays a key role in inculcating a stance towards life-long learning. We impress upon the faculty members to befriend, philosopher, guide, counsellor and consultant of the students, besides the student-teacher classroom relationship. Moreover, they have been motivated to act as facilitators rather than disseminators and as such, they always upgrade their knowledge by learning through seminars, workshops, quality improvement programs and research activities.


​Affiliated to Tamilnadu Dr. MGR Medical University, Guindy, Chennai 


          "The Department of Medical-Surgical Nursing specialty is no longer viewed as a stepping-stone, but is the solid rock and the backbone of every institution". The Department of Medical Surgical Nursing deals with Medical Surgical Nursing for undergraduate as well as Advanced Nursing Practice, clinical specialty and super specialty for post graduate students. The department is having highly qualified, experienced and long standing component faculty with defined research knowledge who uses various mode and innovative teaching strategies. The faculty of the department aims at bringing change in attitude and self directed learning to maintain professional standards.

          The Nursing process approach is use to provide Nursing care to patients by which the students assess the client problems, formulate the Nursing diagnoses and objectives, plan and implement Nursing care and evaluate the effectiveness of care.

          At the post graduate level, Medical Surgical Nursing offers sub-specialties like Cardiovascular & Thoracic Nursing, it will further enable the student to function as educator, manager and researcher in the field of Medical-Surgical Nursing.

          Medical Surgical Nursing department provides an ideal environment for multi-professional learning. The department conducts many programme like Guest lecture, Continuing Nursing Education, National level seminar and workshop to update the knowledge and skill in recent advancement in Medical Surgical Nursing. We celebrate National and International important days to create awareness (hospital and in community) for general public by organizing many programme and screening programme.   

​Medical Surgical Nursing